Thursday, November 25, 2010


Mixing Business With Pleasure

One of my Musings from Muskoka several months ago was a post about Tits ‘n Teeth.

As the Christmas holiday season approaches we should remind ourselves of the becoming and unbecoming incidents which can occur when colleagues fraternize after hours.

The real estate brokerage whom I represent holds a daytime lunch one year and an evening dinner/dance on alternate years.  It seems that when partygoers venture onto the “thin ice” of propriety they can easily crack though. 

Unless you don’t care about your reputation, the laws of probability, or water-cooler gossip;  don’t guzzle the wine or liquor, don’t wear too provocative attire, and don’t dance too close with anyone except the person you came with. Temptation can surprise you when you least expect it.

Think smart, keep safe, and be sure you’ll be able to look in the mirror the next morning without regret!

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