Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ole Ole...

Olé! Olé! Olé Olé…feelin hot hot hot!

The soca rhythm song was by Arrow(Alphonsus Cassell) was a Caribbean hit in 1982 – heard and danced to as much now as ever.

I’m also humming this one a lot lately – even sunbathers and beach babies are muttering about the temperatures.….“Hot town, summer in the city – back of my neck’s feelin’ dirty and gritty” – the lyrics composed by Regina Spektor and  made famous by the Lovin’ Spoonful are heard again today on cellphones as a downloaded ringtone. Some of us actually remember when it was originally broadcast, performed as well by Joe Cocker!

I’ve heard it said that the one thing most people everywhere complain about is The Weather. Even in the shade it’s still stifling – with scant breeze. Leaves are drooping, the fire ban in Muskoka is rated as High, and farmers are losing their crops to drought.  One of my colleagues, also a REALTOR® mentioned that even  the water temperature in her pool are too warm to be refreshing..

Young children are fretful, anyone with respiratory afflictions knows it’s time to lay low and be still,  and it’s hard for anyone to get a good sleep. Last night when it was easing a bit, I took my little dog for a stroll. Both of us were panting…The landlord at a nearby apartment building had the lawn sprinklers oscillating a wide swath – and there were four robins flapping and splashing in the droplets!

Meteorolgists say that all of our seasons will be warmer still – so I’m going to take on my Barbados point of view and dance up a storm even though I’m in Bracebridge!   “Olé! Olé! Olé Olé…feelin hot hot hot!”

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Night lines...

Anglers know that in many locales the setting out of a night line to catch fish is not a legal practice.  Not only might the snagged fish be a protected species, it could also be an unwanted catch.

Now that Summer’s come and the Season is open for reeling ‘em in; a variety of baits are also set out by fisher persons to attract non-aquatic “catches”.
I recently viewed a movie titled “Must Love Dogs, which was produced when the first trends of internet dating websites were a phenomenon. 
Single ladies in two women's groups I sip ‘n sup with occasionally have subscriptions to a site known as “Plenty of Fish” – and indeed two catches/matches have progressed into seemingly established relationships.

Sitting on a friend’s back deck  a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a bright yellow rope tied at the top of a slope and looped around tree trunks in a fairly straight taut line to the bottom of the hill where Visitor parking spaces exist. For discretionary purposes it seems that this “night line” indeed is the angler’s dream. Not only does the Angel come regularly to the location, she also reefs her way up the steep bank and rappels down when dawn breaks.

Not snagged or an unwanted catch by any means, this mermaid is hooked on a night line!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nifty Glasses At Michael's Bay

On my three day Manitoulin adventure my friend and I pored through several tourist directories as the Chi-Cheemaun ferry carried us smoothly from the Tobermory Terminal to South Baymouth where vehicles stream off the ship with obvious enthusiasim.

Our first stop was at Watson’s General Store in Sandfield, then we backtracked a little and turned off Government Road onto Michael’s Bay Road. Aiming south, the Sheepish Grin signs were both amusing and easy to follow.

We drove right to the studio – which is tucked cleverly away from the main house. Scott greeted us with a big smile – he was doing some raking and immediately unlocked the Studio so we could enter. Two Wheaten terriers are members of the family too. Diane Cruttenden was on hand immediately - what a pretty and talented woman -  with bright sparkly eyes and very nifty glasses!   Like other artisans, she and Scott transplanted themselves from elsewhere onto Manitoulin Island – a leap of faith for most!

The studio has a wide variety of knitting, weaving and spinning supplies – but for me the most breathtaking were Diane’s bead creations. If you visit their website at you’ll quickly realize  why this is an amazing “must-see” when you’re visiting Manitoulin Island!

I did come away with a handmade fiber brooch for a friend -  produced at this nifty studio by the pretty lady with the nifty glasses!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Humming Along...

It’s always a thrill when an unexpected and delightful surprise also includes an opportunity to see something you’ve never seen before, and to learn about a subject previously unfamiliar.

Several days ago, while on a mini vacation to Manitoulin Island, my friend and I discovered a small advertisement in a tourist guidebook about the Noble Alpaca Farm ( located at 224 Scotch Line in the community of Sheguiandah. Having travelled north from M’Chigeeng along Highway 540, we actually caught a very fleeting glimpse of a side road named Bidwell – and could have turned eastward then. However, the location is easily accessed from Highway 6 just south of Little Current.

Glen Totman drove into the driveway seconds behind us – and greeted us warmly though we were not expected. Their brochure, which I now have in hand,  does say please call ahead. This is a destination not to be missed – and one of the most inspiring. Rochel Totman creates all of the items in their gift shop, and also takes custom orders. I did some Christmas shopping early!

A most endearing little baby alpaca was cavorting around the fenced paddock area – and their personalities, as described, are truly enjoyable. This little cria’s name is Brittany and she will soon be greeted by other newborns within days.

Glen Totman told us that within 10 days of an alpaca giving birth, it begins a sort of  humming  sound, almost continuously. The unborn youngster of course hears this – and at birth the cria recognizes its mother then, and forever after, by her hum.

When you visit beautiful Manitoulin Island do try to visit the Noble Alpaca Farm. You’ll find that Glen and Rochel Totman’s interesting business is truly humming along!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Air Mail Delivery...

I’m familiar with the tune lyrics from the song “Pennies from Heaven” but never thought about other possible deliveries by air, specifically for me!

Tonight, without forewarning,  a special package arrived as I was on my back deck, barbecuing. From the balcony above, suspended by a rope, there suddenly appeared a worn-looking canvas bag  - therein contained a bottle of red Zinfandel  wine – namely, Cline™.

A carrier pigeon could not have borne the weight, a St. Bernard would not have fouled its around-the-neck barrel with such a seemingly inferior life-saver, nonetheless, I was really tickled with the creativity of said delivery!

The most obvious and simplistic solution to alleviate descending and re-ascending two flights of stairs was circumvented with a creative solution – the wine arrived in style and a good laugh was shared!

P.S. The ginger-marinated chicken was yummy!!