Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mimi At Work

I used to love the Drew Carey Show…and being somewhat un-slender and curiously attracted to both jewellery and makeup, I always pleaded with my nieces to let me know if I was looking too much like Mimi. They always laughed – and even acquainted me with new looks and makeup samples to try.

I still like makeup – sometimes yearning for that fresh-faced complexion of years ago when foundation or mineral powder wasn’t required to cover up imperfections. What an odd thing that my everyday magnifier-mirror doesn’t consistently reflect the same face every day – must be the lighting!

Every age seems to have its own foibles of vanity – too much makeup, not enough makeup, what to do with the hair – omigosh it’s blue streaks. That’s not what the bottle showed! Quick, out with the baby shampoo and keep dabbing and washing.

I think everyone’s face reflects who they are inside – isn’t it true that the first thing a person is drawn to in conversation is not the words, but the eyes?

I’m using less makeup now and Mimi pretty well stays at home.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tits 'n Teeth

A young man recently joined our real estate brokerage, and seems very polite indeed. One day he commented to a fellow colleague “How can a guy get any work done around here with so many low-cut tops on the ladies?”

Well it sounded hilarious, but got me to thinking.Either he was ultra-sensitive and might become red-faced at any moment or he was just plain uncomfortable.

Now let me say this about tits ‘n teeth. It’s my favourite ice-breaker expression when in a group photo with other gals – always good for a giggle; do we really need even a hint of cleavage in the workplace? My teeth aren’t bad either but I don’t walk around with bared fangs - are the pushedup and smoothly rounded tops undermining women’s professionalism?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"It Sir-tainly isn't up to me!"

Ever notice how familiar we have become in addressing other adults whom we have just met. When I meet clients for the first time I still like to use the Mr. or Mrs. (if I’m sure she’s the missus). As a young girl, meeting my boyfriend’s elderly Aunt and Uncle, I called them Mr. & Mrs. So-and-So. The lady quickly encouraged me to call her “Cookie” – which felt awkward for me. I know she was just trying to ease my nervousness - it did throw me for a loop though. I’m wondering if I’m just plain old-fashioned or if this common practice of addressing someone on a first-name basis right off the bat is just a bit presumptuous?

Monday, July 5, 2010

"Please don't spit in the sink!"

If you share a co-ed bathroom at the office there is a certain etiquette that everyone needs to observe and follow. Don’t clutter the under-sink cabinet with makeup and toiletries overflowing their containers. Please keep feminine hygiene products discreet – this isn’t your personal space. I’m a silver-haired dinosaur, nothing much phases me, but I still feel a little uncomfortable when I see private stuff in public space. Denture cleaner and gum massagers ditto. Men should be thoughtful and put the seat down, everyone wipe the counter off if you splash rinsing your hands, and please….don’t spit globs of toothpaste and leave it in the sink.