Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flowers for Emma...

When a valued and pleasant employee gives notice that they’re leaving for work elsewhere, colleagues very often feel a combined sense or loss/excitement. Loss because a happy piece of the workday puzzle will be missed, and excitement for the opportunity that lies ahead for the person taking on a new position elsewhere.

Even the best of intentions with regard to circulating a Good Luck card for signatures, a quick lunch together or maybe a drink after work can falter unexpectedly. Such was the case recently and when my friend recounted her own hilarious story it was a real tickle.

The timing was perfect when, while idling in traffic waiting for instructions from the flagman, a bulletin blares over the airwaves saying that the first person to “find” the on location radio van gets a bag of assorted gifts and flowers. The flagman signaled and both my friend and one other vehicle made a smart and intentional turn, sped through a shortcut and both arrived simultaneously at the correct location.

The truck parked behind the radio vehicle, and my friend stopped alongside the drivers door of the radio van so tight that the driver couldn’t get out. “Truck Man” pleads the case that’s it’s his anniversary and he needs the flowers…my friend says “give me the flowers and you can have the rest”. Truce, heads nodding in agreement, and vroom – she’s outta there in a cloud of dust.

And that’s the story of flowers for Emma. Good luck in your new job!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Changing Gaits...

I recently viewed a recently-taken photo of a proud equestrian astride her new mount. The caption read “this one’s for you, Mom”. It was a flashback to this woman’s childhood years as an accomplished rider.

The poise and pose led me to think about the learned skills of keeping one’s seat through every movement and change of pace. Despite humans being two-footed rather than four, there are similarities – in particular the change of gaits.

Some thoroughbred race horses spring out of the gate with a burst of speed and pent-up energy – reaching their maximum speed in a few short seconds. Other horses and their riders are trained to mete out their energy and hold out for an endurance run rather than a sprint.

If recollection serves me accurately, the  change of four gaits for horses begins with a walk, then into a canter, and gallop.  Or walk, then trot, etc.. Specific breeds, such as a Tennessee Walking Horse, have five gaits. Sulky racers may be either Pacers or Trotters – and their breeding reflects how the legs move either in parallel or diagonally.

No matter what gait you choose – keep your eyes forward and ears pricked for markers that signify the progress of your race.!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hysteria in the making...

I must confess a bad habit, not to be confused with the word “clutter” or “hoarding” – more simply described as “stacking” or “tossing” items hither, thither and yon. Most frequently, the catch-all location is my home office – which last night rendered me totally speechless.

Funny how things sometimes get ahead of us, or worse still, we don’t see the manifestation of our lazy traits. One of the benefits though is that, in accordance with tax regulations, I don’t make any claim to a home office for specific reasons.
As if I would dare to have any prospective client darken the door of My Shambles anyway!!

The worst is numerous bags of “papers to be shredded”, followed by as many fabric grocery-store bags into which are placed “things for The Restore” or “Things for the Sally Ann store”. I also have been known to nearly stub a toe on plastic toteboxes full of shoes, purses, out-of-season clothing or simply “other treasures”!

The real estate brokerage which holds my license offers a Clients Benefit package to both Buyer and Seller clients. Included is a discount from a tidy-me-up businessperson…but before I even think of calling I have to straighten things around so she doesn’t faint.

I’ve heard it said that a cluttered desk represents a busy mind who clearly knows where every specific item is located at any given time. Last night, after three days away from it all, I could only gasp with dismay when I saw the catastrophic disarray. It truly is hysteria in the making!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Little Danish On Top...

Earlier in the spring I had an opportunity to spend time with good company at The Old Station Restaurant in Bracebridge. The rustic timber interior and a glowing log on the fire added welcome ambience – while the winds outside howled!

The Old Station has been in business for over twenty-five years, with a regular clientele. In Summer you can sit out on the patio, a real treat! The atmosphere is casual and relaxed with vibrant conversation and prompt excellent service for lunch, dinner or in between. Spring into Summer with a visit – it’s time for sipping, sparkly sandals, capris and sunglasses that dazzle! See and be seen at The Old Station.

Steaks are great – and I absolutely loved mine with crumbled blue cheese atop!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Flash Tape...

A colleague and I were recently discussing the dismay of vertical buttonholes which may “pull” slightly more than those which are horizontal. Some of today's synthetic fabrics are shiny surfaced or more “clingy” by design – and any wardrobe malfunction is annoying to both the wearer and the observer.

The appearance of Flash Tape in my mailbox at the office elicited a giggle for sure!
The description states that it “secures” deep, plunging or revealing necklines; open-sided dresses; wrap style tops’ tube tops and halters; as well as cuffs, hems and socks”. Except for unwanted gaps between buttons, I anticipate that, as a REALTOR®,  the highest and best use for Flash Tape will be to keep this must-have fashion accessory at the ready lest I need to piece together either a missing solution or secure too many words strung out together!

As far as  other unwanted gaps,  breathing space between comments or keeping chatter from flowing unrestrictedly offers clients time to think about what they’ve seen and consider what they wish to do. The description on the Flash Tape dispenser describes it as body/clothing tape – it’s a perfect two-for-the-price-of-one  accessory to be carried at all times in one’s briefcase! Just whip it out , then peel ‘n stick to mitigate disaster!