Thursday, September 27, 2012

I've Heard It Said...

Some folks feel just plain important and sit just that little bit “higher” than many others when they tool around in big name, brand name, luxury cars – sometimes speeding and otherwise showing off.There are more prestigious vehicle makes on the roads now than ever before – zowie…the monthly payments must be astounding. Even to lease is a big ticket item. Different strokes for different folks.

Fashionwise as well, everyone has their own style – sometimes it is more flamboyant or attention-getting than another person might choose, but nonetheless, we are all individuals. Dressing for success can also be dressing with flair, as long as it’s in good taste.

Another significant manifestation of “having arrived” may be observed in how supervisors manage their staff.  Some folks swagger, some act totally rigid, and some look at others either through their eyebrows, over the rim of half-glasses, or down their noses. Ah, the grandeur of positioning oneself “up there”!

In my profession as a REALTOR® one of the greatest pleasures is making contact and building a business relationship with both prospective Buyers and Sellers; striving to earn their trust;  thus turning them into clients who will recommend my services without hesitation. My disposition is such that I feel comfortable and seem to interact well with everyone…  Colleagues have been heard now and then to mutter about “that so-and-so, who does he think he is…..grrr, grrr, grrr”, after an unwieldy conversation.

Hail to the high-end achievers who have retained a sense of mortality. It’s a pleasure to share the lineup in the grocery store with you on Friday nights!
A Mentor of mine said on more than one occasion that everyone should “be nice to the people you meet on the way up because they’re the same ones you’ll meet on the way down.”

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Waiting All Year...

Waiting all Year…

One of the celebrations at Summer’s end is the great number of Fall Fairs throughout not only Muskoka, but the entire Province. People of all ages anticipate these festivals…families rooted in the community for generations and visitors from more urban areas.

For some children it’s a first-time opportunity to see farm animals up close – giggling over miniature goats perhaps or awestruck by the sheer size of working horses as they pass by – their hooves causing the very earth to tremble!

I am an avid fair-goer, and my sister as well. We attend the Bracebridge Fall Fair every year, rain, shine or sleet!

“Layering” ones attire is the secret – early mornings perched at the horse ring can be chilly and damp, when the sun peeps through it feels promising, and midday can be time to peel off the jacket or heavy sweater and let one’s bare arms absorb some of the last rays of summer.

Whatever the appeal may be, everyone admires the freshly picked vegetables, ooh and ahh at the size of weighty pumpkins, marvel at the intricacies of quilts and knitted goods or other textiles on display. “Junior” classes feature the efforts of imaginative young school children, and there’s often live music or dancers on stage in the background.

Support the Agricultural Societies everywhere by attending an annual event closest to you. These earnest folk continue to educate, promote and invite people to come, see and inhale the sights, scents and flavours of the annual Fall Fair dates.

See you there!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Speculating In Real Estate...

Whatever one’s occupation or profession,  it seems inevitable that the male species has admired from afar a well-turned ankle or scintillating personality.
Regardless of one’s personal sexuality, I think everyone from time to time views another person as “interesting”or “intriguing”. It’s simply the chemistry of attraction; and when tempered with ethics and impeccable personal standards a little speculation does no harm to anyone.

As a REALTOR®, my work in Muskoka includes the delights of meeting many people from various walks of life. Whether their interests are buying a high end property or not matters little to me – as long as their budget accommodates their wish list. There have been many business articles and admonitions regarding personal decorum and dressing professionally at all times. On sweltering summer days it’s truly better to be stuffed into a demure tank top and jacket rather than something cool that may be frothy, loose and gaping . Hopefully one may be forgiven for a peep-toe sandal or tailored capris on occasion, as long as the styling is appropriate.  Hard to climb a fence in stiletto slides at best!

On rare occasions, a new client may have many interesting facets to their character which prompt easy conversation. Occupations, interests in common, or personal experiences perhaps having vacationed at the same locale, or even pets are just a few subjects  that people may have in common. It is seldom that I include any personal information about myself, and I don’t pry too deep into others’ detail that does not pertain to the job of buying or selling real estate.

When the transaction is complete, or the search is discontinued for certain reasons that can’t be unravelled by me, there is sometimes a very faint regret that paths may not cross again. So many very lovely people come and go – and though I do keep in touch regularly with all of my buyers and sellers it’s simply not the same as interacting face to face, sharing a purpose, and discussing the intricacies of probability.

Very recently a prospective buyer found a different locale to search in – he
e-mailed to say that he and the “kids” (his 4 cats) had found and purchased outside of Muskoka. And “by the way”, please stop for a drink if I’m in Florida vacationing”. A pleasant thought, a pleasant invitation, and a pleasant fellow.
Pure speculation!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

In the “A-choo-li” Patch…

One of my Seller clients habitually wears the patchouli scent – which I, at first meeting,  almost mistook for another pungent aroma some people refer to as “pot”.
Having developed adult-onset asthma several years ago, I am constantly searching out the triggers that make me lose my voice within 30 seconds and reach for my puffer. After my first flare up my pipes were tickly and I was over-anxious. Even going into the grocery store aisle with scented laundry products and other cleaners was intolerable – so as a result, such delights as the Body Shoppe stores became  pretty much out of bounds!

For fellow-sufferers, I think I’ve discovered a truly “scents-ible” alternative.
The owner herself has COPD and asthma – an unwieldy combination – and Donna is  walking/talking proof that the products she and colleague Sue produce are a wonderful alternative to perfumes and chemical additives.

The Manitoulin Soap Factory at Shegundiah, Ontario is housed in a non-descript accessory building on the property where Donna’s home is situated. At 10955 Highway 6 between 10-mile point and Little Current, you need sharp eyes to spot the location – when I was there out of tourist season the road sign had blown into the brush.

When you enter, feel free to breathe deeply without fear. All of the ingredients are natural scents. The Manitoulin Chamber of Commerce website describes this must visit destination as
A place where scents and sensation come together in a glorious bath of colours and textures! “

*Handmade on Manitoulin Island/* All natural vegetable based glycerin soap
* Body Lotions/* Bath bombs/salts/* Lip balms/* Shampoo & Conditioner
* Wedding soaps/ And much ... much more!.

My Seller client loves the Patchouli Lotion and glycerine hand soap – I couldn’t resist buying these items for her – and I don’t need my puffer at hand when I’m standing near!

e-mail: for online catalogue