Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tiffany Turquoise….

In late Fall I had the pleasure of representing a colleague who was vacationing away – Buyer clients were in the process of finalizing a purchase and needed someone on hand to wrap things up.

The transaction was completed with just a little hump or two, and the buyers’ excitement was palpable. Hubby had his own vision of the finished renovations – including a light grey-washed “beachy” feel in the Great Room – which – incidentally, combo-ed with the open concept kitchen.

During the three or four visits with contractors, and the buyers discussing plans for work, there was a bantering back and forth between husband and wife about accessories. He wanted no part of pillows plumped on the couch or other such niceties – nothing frivolous or silly. Simple, distinctive, and classy.

The lady on the other hand was caught up in the thrill of the chase – such fun to shop on her out of town business trips when the long day was done and she thought fondly of “home”.

On one occasion when husband Don flew to meet his Princess for a weekend away, he came upon inspiration in a glossy airline catalogue on board. As they strolled 5th Avenue in New York city, he stopped in front of the famous Tiffany’s – and confirmed that the turquoise brand colour was his choice for accessorizing.

I’ve been invited to drop by and see the completed work this weekend – it will undoubtedly be stunning and I feel the same anticipation felt on the few occasions I received a gift box, however small, coloured Tiffany turquoise.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Raising Rabbits

During the years after the great Depression of the North American economy, my maternal grandparents moved from Regina, Saskatchewan to the Eastern Townships of Quebec. My Gramma had missed being closer in proximity to her sisters, and it had been a longtime coming!

One of the ways my Gramma brought income to the home was raising rabbits – two varieties and both for different markets. The Belgian hares were for eating – large and meaty. The Angoras were for furriers in Montreal to buy and create jackets, stoles and other wraps and trims.

I myself have a fondness for rabbits, and my small collectibles have been acquired as gifts over the years. They are discreet, in various poses, and valued from very little to slightly significant in dollars. There’s a consistency that runs through whatever theme a person is drawn to – whether it be elephants, dolls, silver spoons, teacups,  golf hats or fishing lures, to name just a few.

Last week my “joy-trip” friend added a new member to the bunny collection – a small representation made by the famous Swarkovski manufacturers.
This fellow is the tiniest of all in size, but represents a huge affection that’s been long-term and unbroken. He is golden in colour and facets sparkle, even through the glass case.  I feel like he is more powerful in feel than  any of the others – the proverbial “small but mighty”.

I’m glad my rabbits don’t reproduce and crowd out their space with diminished appeal – just 8 in the collection – each one symbolizing a special friendship. It’s a pleasure to be raising rabbits!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Enterprising Women...

I recently received an online invitation to register for a professional business event which would include up to 50 area women for dinner and a seminar.
The YWCA-Muskoka is a forward-thinking and totally committed advocacy group which supports and encourages women entrepreneurs with educational opportunities, and regularly scheduled programmes on pertinent subject matter for women who are at specific levels of personal or business development.

The two distinguished Presenters from Rotman School of Business (associated with the University of Toronto) sounded exciting, and I registered promptly. My sense of anticipation was fulfilled – the ladies were excellent and enthusiastic – as was the audience.

The only tinge of disappointment, and it was slight, was that my business income does not yet qualify me to participate in the School of Business courses which are available. It would have been terrific to have a group of Muskoka participants – even if we could have met in a selected location and tele-conferenced or joined in a webinar.

The experience which the presenters acquired and developed into presentation form was inspiring – I wish I was the “American Express income” league and could qualify for further participation sooner than later.

Thanks to Susan Lovell for including so many of us on her mailing list – keep ‘em coming!

Indeed, the numbers in Muskoka are significant and truly promising when we think of Enterprising Women.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rabid encounters of the worst kind….

The days of mid-August are often referred to as the dog days of Summer.
I’ve heard that, historically, crimes of passion increase when the weather is hot and tempers are short. Highways are clogged, the parking lot at the liquor and beer stores are packed tight, and lineups at the grocery store checkouts can feel tedious.

Local citizens of any cottage-country community are well aware of the seasonal influx to towns, villages and hamlet destinations – store owners anticipate exchanging coin for goods and folding money to see them through a lean Winter and business practices include happily greeting visitors whenever the door swings open!

It’s important to realize that time is valuable to everyone, streaming up the highways bumper-to-bumper can be hair-raising; by easing up just a little people will be more likely to reach their destination! Clerks at the till ringing through customers’ purchases are seldom harried by the volume – they are doing their very best - and undeserving of being hassled by those in line. When the weather’s hot, everyone feels sticky, and there’s no time to waste!

Everyone should try hard not to bare their gums and growl at one another….
it’s unnerving and onlookers feel helpless when tempers rise. Those unforgettable incidents are rabid encounters of the worst kind!