Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crocs 'N Other Footwear

Ah – ‘tis the season of pretty feet.(Or not so. ) I’ve read that men are also concerned about the appearance of their peds when shoes are cast off. Makes sense – besides, hard calluses wreak havoc on both people and linens. Pretty feet make you feel pretty – I even tried an electric yellow last year while on holidays – sensational! At least that was my opinion.

This Summer I’m wearing a mule-style of Croc sandal – and the colours are varied. Celery & white, seafoam and white, khaki and white, black/white. And there are shades of caramel on brown and brown on brown for the end of Summer. They’re comfy and fun. ( Available at some Becker Shoes outlets.) It’s not that I actually have a shoe fetish – I just have tired feet that want to look presentable, and feel happy.

That’s not saying that I might still teeter around for a few select moments in my 4-inch orange patent leather lady shoes – nothing like a glam-queen stepping out with trepidation. Maybe I’ll just sit.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Hats!

My 15th wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of August. The wedding day was grand, and so was my hat. A lacy,loopey and very feminine straw affair which Mom decorated with bits of floral accessories to match my silk lavender suit. Which I can’t get into anymore. Pfft!

Many ladies had millinery skills and I remember Mother creating several snappy toppers. She was a looker! Nowadays, except at Ascot in England and maybe the Queen’s Plate horseraces - one seldom sees a lady in a summer hat. Talk about the perfect opportunity, with large sunglasses, to feel nearly incognito.

Last Summer I went to a Victorian Tea at the Muskoka Lakes Museum in Port Carling. The day was hot as Hades – but everyone who attended was in keeping with the theme, and the hats were grand! Hats are dreamy and flirty – yes, we can still dream, ladies! I’ve got my eye on a large-brimmed black and white hat and matching bag – very swank – all I need is an “occasion” to get dolled up for. And regardless of the face underneath the brim, hats make people’s heads turn.

Go for it! Hat fans unite!

Friday, August 13, 2010

In Your Best Interest

Last week I attended a Financial Planning seminar.. The how-tos of “Handing Down the Cottage”. This was a timely opportunity – promising tidbits that would give me a broader scope of understanding my clients’ concerns.

The presenter was well-prepared and knowledgeable. As an Advisor, he has the best interests of potential clients as a firm foundation to base business relationships on. Trust is earned, not speculated upon or toyed with.

Two attendees at this seminar reflected this keenly –they had respect and trust of each other. And both saavy businessmen. The younger of the two, a son-in-law, was intent on acquiring information which would be both helpful and strategic. Kudos to anyone who always acts in the best interest of their people.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Look Tired
Thanks for the compliment, as if I didn’t already know that. Pfft! My Mother thinks the world has gone mad, that everyone works too hard, too many hours, and that our quality of life is not as satisfying as it seems to have been when times were more simple. It’s hard for us to understand that our parents have seen more technological and industrial changes in the past 70 years than probably ever before!

My Grade 8 English Lit teacher was a well-known author – and he autographed one of his books for me when the school year ended.
It says, ” What a sad tragedy that in this age where wonders never cease, we have so quickly ceased to wonder.”

Sometimes it’s worth a few moments from our hectic day to pause and observe the simple things that really count, with wonder. Puppies, babies with big eyes, and our parents who hopefully expect little but deserve a lot.

Pencil in an entry in your appointment book to call – those of us who still have a Mom or Dad, or both, are lucky. Coffee at Tim’s can be a big event, even if we are tired.