Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows...

How interesting that peoples’ dispositions and smiley or un-smiling faces are often weather-related!  I’m beginning to realize that about myself too – which is a bit of an oddity because, more often than not, I feel upbeat and forward moving.

The Spring that wasn’t has offered grey wet days, for the most part. And yes, we can coax ourselves along by reminding everyone that “April showers bring May flowers”…but is there a catch-phrase for May?!!!

The Victoria Day weekend did offer a couple of fleeting glimpses of sun – wonderful and heartening for campers and cottagers. Punctuated with drizzle and overnight thunderstorms , the weather wasn’t a complete disappointment. Think of it – tenters in wet clothes around a smoking campfire with a damp and malodorous dog – actually quite fun in retrospect but possibly not at the time!

Flower pots and window boxes are saturated and discouraged, lawns and weeds are celebrating, and while many people are grumbling ever-so-softly about too much precipitation, at least we don’t have to shovel it – and thankfully we are all untouched by devastating tornadoes as have been experienced elsewhere on our continent.

Buy yourself some sunblock;  then visit the candy store for an all-day lolly; and finally - hang a crystal or prism in either an east or west facing window so you can catch the rainbows!  Feels like Summer!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Putting things in proper perspective….

It’s amazing to hear the verbalilzed wrangling of peoples’ tortured minds when something has not gone exactly right. Whether the subject is of major of minor importance – it’s difficult sometimes to put things in proper perspective.

The “weather” is always a  great topic of conversation, it’s either too hot, too cold, too wet or not wet enough… and everything in between! Imagine for one fleeting second the anguish of those citizens both south of our Canadian border and elsewhere in the world where horrific weather has destroyed lives and livelihoods.  What difference will it make if we here have some cloud cover, a few sprinkles, some stiff breezes….Oh the piteous groans of how the rain affects tourism; failing economies and a slow start to the real estate market for cottage sales. I always comment that “if you like it in the rain, you’ll love it when the sun comes out!”

Another oft-heard complaint is mosquitos and blackflies. It’s true they are significant pests, but on the flip side, of ecological importance. So get yourself a bug suit!

Just this morning I overheard someone bleating that they weren’t feeling quite up to their usual peak, but after a good night’s sleep all would be right with the world again. Seconds later a friend confided that her partner’s health prognosis is not optimistic – so conversely, she will not likely sleep well for many nights here on in.

If we turn our frowns upside down it will be easier to put things in perspective. First things first, in order of importance – leave the small stuff for another time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2 Wheeled Screechers...

Hello Visitors! Any Friday afternoon in Tourist towns anywhere includes convertible cars with the tops down, sunroofs open and pretty girls waving, and yes…muscle-shirted fellows with their baseball caps on backwards and cool shades. Plenty of leased Beamers and other hot wheels.

The protectors of our roadways are out in force – hoping to reduce casualties, pursuing speeders and making their presence obvious. On the water as well boaters may be approached, halted and an inspection to ensure all is as it should be. Resist the temptation to just open that throttle as wide as you can – the ice is out but there still may be submerged logs or other debris you won’t identify in time. The water’s icy still.

The cash registers are chinging and chiming, lineups long at the hot pop shop and suds outlets….then a two-wheeled screech out of the parking lot and off to the cottage.

Have fun, stay safe!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Warm Blanket...

Television commercials often topic the incidence of sneezing, running noses and a cough; or flu-like symptoms. Sometimes the remedy, rather than staying in bed and resting to recuperate, is to utilize a product that relieves obvious symptoms and life goes on as usual.

Years ago, when as a child I may have had a chest ailment, my mother would melt a glob of Vicks™ Vap-o-Rub in a large pot of hot water and then drape a towel over my head to make a tent while I inhaled the camphorated steam. Worked wonders – except nowadays I use a vaporizer and my mother no longer hovers.
The presence of a person who is concerned for one’s wellbeing is a blessing – and cherished.

In the hectic world of hospital medicine..overworked staff and the triage units in Emergency Rooms capably sifting and sorting waiting room attendees by “need” – it is easy to imagine how easily a small thoughtful gesture could easily be eliminated.

Today though, as my husband lay abed with anxiety overwhelming his face, the nurse came along with a warm blanket and tucked it around him. The effect was tangible – he relaxed; and some stress melted away.

Thanks…Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton and Nurse Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy would each have heartily approved the gesture!