Thursday, December 27, 2012

Walking Tall...

I have heard it said that “as a man walks, so goes his life” – which creates, at least in my own brain, the supposition that if someone has a bouncy stride their life’s rhythms are uneven as well.

What of people who saunter along with a gangly loose gait; or others like me who take two steps for everyone else’s one, just to keep pace…  Does a person’s inner self reflect in the way they carry themselves, as in “confident = walking tall” or  “slouching = shy”?

The first impression we interpret upon seeing someone for the first time is sometimes difficult to “undo” as we get to know them better. Appearances may not be a true indicator, nor conversation by telephone or e-mail – we simply form our thoughts based on experiences in the past.

A colleague who has joined our brokerage recently commented that I always seemed to be in a hurry…when in truth it’s because I walk quickly and don’t lollygag along!
A person’s manner of speaking, even the pitch and nuances of their voice can affect how we perceive that person as well. Sometimes the old adage “an empty barrel rings the loudest” proves itself true, conversely, a quieter person may not have more merit!

Yesterday, while window shopping at a large Mall, I moseyed into the shoe department – one of my favourite destinations. Espying a pair of thin stiletto dress shoes, I envisioned myself Walking Tall for a few short steps before coming back to Earth with a thud!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing...

Every once in awhile, regardless of how discerning we think we may be, someone else’s unexpected action or response may come as a real surprise! At such times the most natural thing to do is react…but isn’t there more to think about?

In this hectic and unrelenting world, where the buzzword is “24/7”, most people are running at full tilt. How other people cope with their stretched timelines and too many irons in the fire may be quite different than the way we personally might manage ourselves.

For myself, I prefer to refrain from reacting too quickly – and try to evaluate the motivation, even an underlying reason, that may have prompted a remark or comment that feels unsettling. There is, to me at least, a distinct difference between responding in a conservative manner rather than  behave as an antagonist. Some people like to argue or otherwise stir up the dust in the blink of an eye; others choose to fight the battles they can win and may be mistakenly perceived as a peacemaker. 

The old adage “a wise man forces his way with gentleness”  reflects the merit of civil discussion, a clear understanding of what’s being said, and a response rather than a reaction. You might ruminate aloud, with words so sensible, that  perpetrator  will slink away, confounded, if you’re the target of ambush by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hockeymania in Muskoka...

One of my colleagues is an enthusiastic, hair-pulling, encouragement-screaming, and very proud hockey mom!

Lines from Robert Frost’s poem Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening include the words “and miles to go before I sleep”… ‘Nuff said – the commitment of attending practice periods and games, tournaments and hopefully playoffs is a daunting task!

The star of this family’s hockey night adventures is a keen, swift and steely-eyed player who garners admiration from everyone everywhere who sees him play.
He’s a goalie extraordinaire – called up at the tender age of 9 from Double-B league to Triple A. He’s a pint-sized tornado of activity with a maturity beyond his years. Even sharing ice time with the other team goalie doesn’t dampen this eager beaver.

A weekend marathon recently racked up significantly more than 1,000 km on the family vehicle – piled high and stuffed tight with both gear and people. Just time to catch their collective breath and they’re on the road again.

Teammates extol his prowess and accomplishments too – just last week 36 saves in one game! Breathless agility and demon speed in the crease… I’m a proud supporter and thrilled to be a part, however small, of Bradley Webb’s career in the net.

Here’s Brad with NHL goalie Kevin Weekes who played with the Ottawa Senators™….

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Simply Thunderful...

Over the past twenty-five years, more or less, there has been a proliferation of musical Nature Recordings which appeal to many listeners. Here in Canada, one of the pioneers was the late Dan Gibson who founded and produced the famous Solitudes Series which I believe numbered a staggering 157 CD’s in total.

Many other New Age Music artists are  renowned – offering  innumerable themes and instrumental combinations. I am an avid music lover of many styles, and seem to have trended from one type to another as years come and go. In the days of yore before the advent of CD’s, cassette recordings were the norm.

In the autumn of 2012, I remembered to take along one cherished cassette which has not been played very often; reason being that I’m supposed to save it for a certain someone’s Celebration of Life service - and it feels irreplaceable! Wending our way home along backrounds and sideroads, it seemed a perfect time to snap the tape into the dashboard player. I nearly held my breath in apprehension that it wouldn’t play; then anticipation as the sounds became audible.

The stirring, exhilarating, and very contagious Thunderdrums by Scott Fitzgerald very nearly made the windows shudder as I cranked up the volume. The effects were simply thunderful!