Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shiny Heels

Many times since I was a young girl of Sunday School age, I have thought of a memorable line from one of the minister’s passionate sermons. He had observed that the congregation always turned out in their “Sunday best” and how nice to see the ladies’ Spring hats! And the gentlemen of course attired in suits and ties – seldom seen nowadays.

The minister commented that when dressing in their finery for church,  many people buffed up the toes of their shoes and those of the kiddies’ as well.  But if we politely looked  at the heels, we might see some scuffs and dull leather.

The one phrase that has stuck with me for several decades is that “the man who takes the time to turn himself out with pressed trouser seams, starched shirt, necktie, brushed-off jacket and shiny shoes – including the backs which don’t show below the cuffs – is particular, and worthy of consideration in business.

Somehow, still, I always look!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Most of us know someone who always seems to wander about with a scowly expression and gloomy demeanour. While it's true that we shouldn't realistically expect to be at the top of our game every day, at least we should make an effort to put our best foot forward with a pleasant expression.

Everyone is burdened by woes but we can give the gift of a smile without cost and it will undoubtedly brighten someone's day. Try it as an experiment - you'll feel happier too!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Spring Leaves...

Last year I won the office hockey pool – by sheer luck I must admit. And here we are again in the qualifying round for the Stanley Cup playoffs. Hockey fever is in the air!

My husband has been a die-hard fan for longer than many “Make Beleavers” have been on the planet –  “never say never” is the resounding theme!  Emotions run high – from the plunging depths of despair to excitement and anticipation.

Our dog Buddy actually leaves the room when we are watching a TV broadcast game - it’s that keyed up. Someone needs to invent a Mute button for over-rotating fans!

A new addition to the family in honour of the Season …

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When I look at you...

Everyone gets in a rut from time to time – sometimes a run of bad luck or tough economic times results in a solid case of “the blues”. Even a sunshiney day won’t help.

People often find inspiration from observing another – it might be an adverse inspiration such as “I’m glad I’m not like so-and-so!” or, conversely, “Wow, how keen is that! Still reading the balls that are pitched and no strike-outs!”.

It takes determination, focus and dedication to keep one’s head above water when trying to start their own business. Most entrepreneurs have a dream they want to bring to fruition, not just because it’s their dream – but because it’s an inspiration or ideal that will prove itself as having merit.

So look around when you feel discouraged – there are so many people setting a great example and we can’t help but feel encouragement and wish them well. Give out your good thoughts  freely and sincerely – if you admire someone think of how good they’ll feel when you say so.

One of my dearest friends has nicknamed herself Chimp, and I admire her a lot.

Keep swinging through the vines!!   

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Single Minded Interpretations

Several times during the past few days I’ve driven by a long-term care for seniors’ establishment. The name includes the word Ardent – and I was struck by my own sense of puzzlement …that particular word initially didn’t seem to fit the type of business.

I’ve always thought of an “ardent” lover, perhaps too many Romance novels in younger days!!!

Upon consulting the dictionary however, I have learned that this adjective applies to many other circumstances – so perhaps when Buyer or Seller clients are interviewing someone to represent their real estate needs they should seek out an ardent REALTOR®, like me!