Thursday, May 30, 2013

A to Zoo…

Ever come across such an astonishing collection of teacups, figurines, model airplanes or cars, shoes, etc. that is just makes you shake your head? Many people accumulate favourite theme pieces which hold special appeal, sometimes sentimental, sometimes just because they like them.

After a Spring purge of my closet clutter, which was too long overdue, I realized that too many pieces of clothing resembled animal motifs, as well as a pair of leopard-print cocktail boots, but thankfully no handbags. That would have been just too-too!

Having accomplished that huge task, I set myself to the assortment of costume jewellery – sorting through sets that match - and a few bracelets thrown into the mix. Horror of horrors, a panther-head bracelet – bling and glitter galore!  And a leopard-look necklace and earrings set from Ooh-La-La boutique.

It seems peculiar, even to me, that I should have such an assortment of jungle wear – cheetah palazzo pants included. Grrr- even an animal print satin robe and gown; and unmentionables seen only by the wearer! Many of these wild possessions have been relocated to a valise for a future holiday extravaganza, out of sight but not out of mind!

My Mother always admonished me to never use a safety pin to secure a skirt hem or button, and always wear acceptable and clean underwear in case I am ever in a mishap and have to be rescued!  Looks can be deceiving I know, it makes me purr to think of the paramedics’ reactions even though I know they are quite used to encountering everything from A to Zoo. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Short Circuit….

There is a lot of media coverage regarding the purported malfunction of some governmental authorities at several levels.

Public reactions include considerable discussion, presumption and puzzlement.
It matters not which soft scandal or hard line misdemeanor is the subject of conversation.

Everyone’s abuzz about notoriety, impropriety and insufferable delusions of grandeur that are brought into view!

A comment I heard this week from a gentleman made me pucker up in merriment. His background was a long career with one of the major hydro service providers, from which he retired more than two decades ago.

The fact that this chap suffers from dementia made the slip of his lip even more emphatic…The reference was to our “electoral system” which inadvertently was identified as our “electrical system” which clearly has a short circuit.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Entering backwards…..

My fashion-savvy sister came for coffee this morning and I muttered something about what to wear for a Sunday brunch outing scheduled for two days from now.
Her ears pricked up and I could almost see her nose twitch in anticipation…The suggestion was made, not by me,  that we look through my closet and she would recommend something perfect for almost-Spring but not quite.

In retrospect, it’s positively amazing that we survived the ensuing fracas of weeding out, recycling and tossing! Even my seldom-worn leopard print cocktail boots went the way of other cast-offs!

I must confess that I am drawn like a moth to a flame when shoes, handbags or animal prints are within view. Over time I have been educated so as to adorn myself with only one item at a time which even hints of animal pattern, and I no longer fear that I might resemble the famed “Mimi” from the Drew Carey Show.
Thusly, at least in my sister’s opinion, far too much of the same – so the frenzy began.

Now that the car is loaded with bags and boxes of good, clean and totally usable clothes and footwear, the closet looks amazing. I can readily identify every item;
and pledge, from this day forward,  to neatly hang everything neatly and all facing the same direction.

Educating me as to how I might make a fashion statement is truly impossible, but I have grasped the elementary concept that shoes, bags and accessories don’t have to be “matchy-matchy”!

Still stinging over parting with my leopard print booties, I do solemnly pledge that never again will it be necessary to watch anyone at the closet door entering backwards!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sing Out...

Identifiable periods in everyone’s life can sometimes be tagged with a specific piece of music that seemed fitting at the time. Melodies of yore were easy to follow and hum along to; and lyricists have the savvy to wordsmith the emotion that makes the composition memorable.

Adults who were raised in a home where music was in the air often carry that same habit into their own environment – and it matters not what the style or tastes are! My husband’s daughter was the first woman I ever heard who lulled her baby to sleep with rock music – it never occurred to me that punctuated fast rhythms and repetition of words would work!

My favourite Auntie, now singing in the angel choir, had a sweetly trilling voice I can still hear if I close my eyes.My Mother had a terrific voice and sang as she did housework or other tasks. I never knew until a few years ago that she had dreamed of being a “band singer” when she was a young girl!  Many of us aspire to be songbirds – in the shower or maybe the car. When we raise our voice in song it can make our spirits soar as well.

One of the most thrilling performances I have viewed on the PBS channel is The Tenors’ 2013 “Lead with Your Heart”.  A more lovely melding of harmony and marvelous stylings is hard to imagine. Even though I can just carry a tune and croak in a very breathy manner that has little merit, their music makes me want to Sing Out!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Changing Wallpaper….

Anyone who’s cut, pasted, draped and then skimmed out the air bubbles before stepping back to admire the finished job knows what an effort it can be to accent with either strips or a mural.  Equally demanding is the removing of wallpaper when either styles, furnishings or personal tastes change! Many who have endured and succeeded will attest to it.

Computer-wrought documents can be flavoured with wallpaper backgrounds for creating impact and personal flair. Cell phone users also have choices of wallpapers which come into view when the screen is activated. My first animated wallpaper choice was called Beach…crystal clear water and stretches of sand, gentle animated waves rolling in, shells, starfish and a red bucket and yellow sand scoop!

Yesterday I decided to change the theme, and selected one where blades of grass wave gently under a daytime or night sky. The technology is amazing; but this one came with an unexpected wrench. Wanting to show my husband last evening, I was astonished to see the sun setting noticeably in the background of this “Grass” scenery.

It didn’t feel pretty or restful to me, just sad. My comments though, were enthusiastic. When bedtime came and I turned off my phone, the setting had become deep night, with twinkling stars and ghostly blades of grass.

Feeling certain that I am of sound mind, and coincidentally possessing an abundance of common sense, didn’t alleviate the niggling apprehension that family illness will transcend to become a twinkling star too soon.

I immediately reverted to the beach theme and sunnier thoughts when I decisively changed the wallpaper.