Thursday, April 26, 2012

Throwing in the towel...

Over the past few years I’ve considered the probabilities of this action. A sense of uncertainty prevails when one wonders about the process; when perhaps the information we’ve garnered will prove flawed and one single activity can challenge one’s measure of credibility.

In the business world, there is seldom room for error – mistakes cannot simply be classified into various grades of significance; as in “not so bad”, “grievous”, “intolerable” or “unforgettable”. The sums of frequency add up, and feel impactful. There’s used to be an old saying that “ignorance is bliss”, but nowadays most opinions reflect that “one should have known – but clearly they did not!”

I guess the adage of “doing unto others…..” would be a saving grace in almost any circumstance, be it business, public/social and extends to when the cleaning lady comes!

Some people I know just create a heap of eventualities; while others are more particular. 
I’m uncertain about protocol to follow when any or all bathroom linens have been used and require changing. On the floor…on the shower rod….or does one simply throw in the towel?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A fish called...

The majority of my family members are all animal lovers, and all pet owners at some time or other. Cats, dogs, bunnies, the usual hamsters, and fish have all been valued and cherished.

On the occasion of leaving home to attend post-secondary education far away, my youngest niece and her Dad both knew how important it would be for her to have the companionship of a pet in her new apartment. If a bout of homesickness required nose tissues, at least there would be something furry (or not) to cuddle.
And of course SKYPE to at least see familiar faces every night!

The initial challenge in Year One was to hone her skills as the ultimate packer – Dad’s car would only hold so much, and a lop-eared bunny named Caddy had a cage large enough to nearly fill the back seat! In the first semester a kitten from the school’s Collection of Donated Animals was lovingly scooped up and carried home inside her Winter jacket. His first car-ride was a 7 hour journey in Dad’s car when he drove North to collect his girl for Summer break. The two pets actually got along quite well, despite the rabbit’s propensity to be amorous with the cat.

Year Two saw two rabbits, the cat and a fish called Marley. Imagine the calamity of this travelling zoo when Dad trundled up and down the highways delivering kith, kin and cargo to either home or back to school!

Just a couple of days ago my niece’s apartment was flooded from the upstairs. Ceilings down, carpets soaked, clothes drenched – you get the picture.. As luck would have it, Cappi the remaining lop-eared rabbit watched from his dry cage as the waters rose – but was never in peril.

As for Marley, he had swum to fish heaven just the day before - narrowly escaping death by drowning!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Worrying to the Worriers...

The intensity and pace of everyday living in both urban and suburban centers is enough to make anyone feel fretful. With electronic devices jangling/buzzing/reminding and alarming too often, people everywhere are bombarded with “To Do” notifications.

I had occasion to ride on the subway in Toronto recently and felt intrigued by the apparent absence of self-consciousness. Years ago people tucked their elbows into their sides closely so as not to infringe on the seat space of the person sitting next to them; others kept their eyes averted from sizing up a fellow passenger. The screech of the railcars was noise a-plenty.

Today there are cell phone conversations everywhere, gesticulations such as arm waving or jutting digits, and without regard to fellow passengers. I think most people are nearly overwhelmed – which brings me to the Worry-Worts whose minds and hearts are full to overflowing with fussing about too many things they have not a whit of control over!

If we can fix it, ok to fret a bit perhaps. If we can’t change it, improve it, solve it or otherwise alter a situation or circumstance, saving our energy for more worthy topics is a wiser choice. Cuticle picking, nail tearing, hair twirling, hand wringing , lip chewing, inner-cheek gnawing, zit squeezing and other common manifestations of edginess would be more infrequent if worriers didn’t worry so!

We need to chill out and find some inner balance! Even REALTORS®!