Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goosebumps Galore

While on floor duty recently at the office, I received a telephone enquiry about one of my listings – from a lady in Montreal. She and hubby were coming to Muskoka within a few days and wanted an appointment to view. In conversation, she had 2 other properties in mind, and had already called the respective listing agents. One had not responded yet and the other was on vacation; and not available.

“Third time lucky” for the couple and me – we were grade school classmates in a small community exactly 50 years ago! Our one-day outing was a mix of appointments, real estate information, and discussion – peppered with gaiety, a peak at the school yearbook, and a sense of amazement that our paths had crossed again after so long.

Thanks Diana and Don for an unforgettable day!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I saw a photograph in the daily paper of ballerina’s feet, and much of the same pain and affliction is suffered from male ballet dancers. I never realized that when “on-pointe” the entire weight of the body is on three toes! Bunions, corns and other unattractive conditions are common – and an everyday habit practiced by many is to “ice the feet” – by plunging those pedal extremities into a bucket of freezing water – sometimes knee deep.

Salespeople beware – if you look at your own feet and see tooth marks, ice your feet! Remember that inserting foot in mouth causes irreversible damage – the progress of which can only be controlled by fewer acts of speaking before thinking. Engage the brain before making sounds – icing the feet is simply a band-aid fix for a more serious dilemma.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Peer Pressure

I read a newspaper article awhile ago about when two people, let’s say husband and wife for example; are both in the same kind of business. When one accelerates and excels, the partner is honestly proud and supportive, but underneath those emotions are little niggling pointed thoughts – maybe envy, resentment or just plain irritation. The example in the article was former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Hilary, who was then a Senator.

I participated in an office hockey pool this year, just 20 people. Last year I got whumped, this year I won! But curiously, although it is just for fun, some of my colleagues are not really all that gleeful or even amused.

“Dark horse wins hockey pool” – even if you don’t always have a lot of experience; think of yourself on the race track – when it’s heavy slugging, the track is wet and you can’t seem to get up any speed, keep on putting those hooves down.

Friday, September 3, 2010

To hose or not to hose?

I recently read an article in the daily newspaper about the fact the women do not wear panty-hose anymore. What do they wear? I have heard of products called Spanx, also different styles of hosiery such as knee-hi’s and thigh-highs…Pfft! My legs feel like fat sausages enclosed in a too-tight casing – they overflow at the top of knee-hi’s and make a nasty bulge. Plus a mark where the circulation is affected. And thigh-highs I remember were appealing in the days of garterbelts and other such harnessing. But those were days of yore.

When pantyhose were introduced in, I think, the 1970’s I actually had my picture photographed at a hosiery display – looking as if I actually knew what I was doing there. Pantyhose are warm in winter and do hide a multitude of sins – even in summer if the occasion calls for some sense of propriety. Even liquid products to even out the inconsistencies of appearance won’t do much for the “very close” veins and other uglies.

So, is it to hose or not to hose?