Thursday, June 24, 2010

Business After Hours

My horoscope in today’s newspaper warned me to choose my words with care today and leave people with a good impression rather than doing or saying something I’d have to work hard to reverse. Performers and actors know that they’re onstage 24 hours a day – can’t even go to the Laundromat without looking their best, etc.. Business people are actually in the public eye more often than we may realize. Networking is important – and we have to do it in good taste and with awareness. I liken it to eating broccoli on a first date – that impression will forever linger and probably will remain first and foremost in the memory. Laughable yes, but in truth, when we are at a social function for business purposes, think of how we look, how we speak, how we laugh (ouch, not too loudly please!) and how will people remember us after the event. Not only is there a zero-tolerance for DUI, we need to keep ourselves respectful of business protocol , good behaviour, and of course, good manners.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Perkolator

It was Tuesday night and I was waiting in line at KFC for take-out supper.
A pick-up-and-read publication caught my eye – and so did the front page article. Doing the Right Thing. Everyday people are often troubled by the issues of ethics and integrity. Some folks have both, some have neither. And when times are tough it can feel tempting , for some, to compromise one’s values in order to accomplish. Just a day or so later, when I was harping about the virtues of ethics and integrity, someone asked me “didn’t I get tired taking the high road all the time?”. A resounding “No” - what goes around comes around, even if we have to wait awhile. As a Real Estate professional part of the value I bring to my brokerage, clients and colleagues is the unwavering commitment to ethics and integrity. Not only is it the law, It’s a feel good thing!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In Retrospect

Last week I was asked by an elderly lady to prepare a full-price back-up Offer on a house we had seen. She had been referred to me by a former client earlier that day.

Turns out that this lady’s Listing agent already had a Buyer Representation Agreement signed, and after her tears I’m still convinced she didn’t realize she had to work exclusively with that brokerage. Long story short, the Listing salesperson and I collaborated, despite the fact that the lady was his Buyer – he offered a 25% referral to me. The offer was signed with him in attendance and I presented. Full price, accepted, hooray – then the first offer firmed up the next day. Boo-hoo.! An unusual circumstance, Lady is back with her Listing Agent and still looking. I was proud that the other Realtor could see the merit of going forward with the Offer on behalf of his client - the house was perfect for her.

I came away feeling the rewards of having acted with integrity; putting the needs of the client first, and believing that what goes around comes around.