Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update on Swimming With Sharks

I was thinking about the description of “Neapolitan” again today, out of context but on the same vein. Seems to me there is a wonderfully good natured dog of the Mastiff breed called a Neapolitan. I am not quite as bulky, and am good natured – but the resemblance ends there. 

My visit to City Hall to discuss the unfortunate and innocent circumstances of my Parking ticket” was not unpleasant; but no discussion. I was offered a list of rules and regulations for beach parking, which should have been issued with the rental car, so not much consolation. 

Nonetheless, perhaps my analogy of Swimming With Sharks was a little carnivorous – but frolicking with dolphins is a bit too forgiving. I saw one in the harbor yesterday and it was a delight to view. Good natured and friendly I’ve heard, but not a clown - like both the Mastiff and me.

When you’re meeting with REALTORS® to select whom you will work with, think of the personal characteristics you feel comfortable with – then you’ll have confidence when you sign the Buyer Representation Agreement or the Listing Agreement!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Swimming With Sharks...

My e-mail Inbox has been inundated recently with “30% Referrals to SW Florida” – coincidentally with vacation time to that same destination. One of the REALTORS® here has been helpful in recommending local sightseeing destinations, and already I’m feeling Neapolitan-like.

One of the pitfalls of being unfamiliar with the locale is that unexpected surprises can vault from out of nowhere – like an alligator on a paved pathway to the ocean view. Or, on Valentine’s Day, another unwelcome intrusion in the form of a parking ticket. The meter man must have been lurking in the bushes waiting to fold back his gums and bare his fangs too.

Today I’m feeling wary and suspicious – will there be sharks at City Hall when I go to discuss the vicious intent and issuance of the parking ticket? Two incidents  in one day is enough to give anyone the shivers – but I’m “going in” armed with a chain-mail suit of goodwill – hope I don’t get tasered, my heart won’t take it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


People may interpret a word in different contexts. Cosmetically, the word foundation may represent the base upon which one applies makeup. Different compositions of ingredients result in brand buyers with specific skin types, tones and age groups. 

Women, as we get older, often try too hard to look like we did when we felt most attractive, possibly long ago; but using the wrong foundation and inappropriate applications can turn out plain wrong. Others may look and glance quickly away because they cannot see the real person hiding underneath.
As with the principles we base our life and living on, make sure the foundations are not camouflaged or buried so far that people can’t recognize your worth!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Manees and Peddees

I’ve held in reserve, for a special occasion, two gift certificates to a salon for a pick me up. More like a “turn me out” … the innuendo that pretty feet and pretty nails really will make me prettier makes me feel skittish. Nonetheless, off to the appointment next week so that I can publicly debut, in particular, my tender tootsies in sandals. A good old soak in the tub with Epsom salts used to be the norm – or even a footbath with sludge remover... Now it’s the “experience” that rejuvenates  -  exfoliating my face and minimizing my pores is just too scary to do at home, the dog would panic and I might too!

As with all important projects, leave it all to the professionals, like a REALTOR® when you want to buy or sell.