Thursday, December 23, 2010

All fired up…

Jazz songstress Ella Fitzgerald, among others,  recorded Steam Heat, written by Jerry Ross and Richard of the lyrics is “they told me to throw more coal in the boiler”. Here it is December 23rd and already I’m fired up for the coming year.
My business coach has encouraged and inspired me to “up my targets” of accomplishment and set my sights higher.. When others appear to be running out of steam it’s exciting that, on a snapping cold but sunny morning in Muskoka, I’m sizzling with anticipation!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don’t be a humbugger…..

When grocery stores and retailers start broadcasting carols over the sound system right after Hallowe’en or Thanksgiving it can feel insistent. Feeling ho-ho-ho and jolly is a bit of a stretch sometimes.

When you’re retrieving boxes of bells, baubles and tinsel from the attic or garage, dust off some Cheer at the same time. In modern-day hustle bustle even the most harried people find snippets of pleasure and little surprise in the most unexpected circumstances. Spread some goodwill next time you’re in a lineup for coffee – pay for the person behind you!

A Random Act of Kindness is a small gesture that will make you feel like humming!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Blue Fairy….
My growing-up years included the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, a “Secret Admirer”, other anonymous donors of surprises, and my favourite Auntie. Whenever she came to visit, upon departure she would take my hand in her gloved-one, place a 25-cent piece on my palm, and then fold my fingers over the money,  with a little pat-pat; and the words “buy yourself a little treat”. The memory will always be dear.

How often have we heard - at  funerals for example -  the surprise stories of gift-giving by that certain person to someone who had need. Family members are often astonished at such revelations – “We never knew that!”, they exclaim. 

If you’re a Blue Fairy in secret it’s a lovely way to touch someone who needs help. Keep flitting here and there!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Relieving the Burden...

It’s been said that if everyone had the opportunity to set down our hobo bag of troubles into a mutual pile, and then were invited to choose any one from the pile – we would instinctively choose our own; because that’s what we are most familiar with.

To relieve the burden of troubles it feels important to turn our attention outward rather than inward. Dwelling on what’s not right won’t make things better – sometimes diverting our attention to something or someone other than ourselves makes it easier to put things in perspective.

If someone you see looks sad, dejected or is upset, the simple act of giving a smile, however small, will make you both feel better.