Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The pain of Bereavement...

A neighbor, next door in fact, has “passed on” to green pastures and still waters.
Tonight, there are several cars crowded into too-few spots, close girlfriends comforting the daughter – and some laughter resounding too!
When someone you cherish is lost to you, whether through separation, divorce, or death – the pain of bereavement is actually excruciating. The sensation is like a knife in your heart, then twisted. No-one can share your pain, or relate to it. People who sympathetically say “I know exactly how you feel” are insensitive and thoughtless! They know not a whit. Well-meaning expressions of sympathy are coined from tradition – in many cases it’s simply a matter of not knowing what to say, so saying anything is better than nothing.

 I believe that everyone is entitled to grieve in their own way, knowing that support is essential, but it’s a personal journey. May be short, may be longer.

Been there, done that. I only wish I had been able to reach out to my own sister when her husband passed on to those idealized green pastures and still waters .

Reach out – don’t be afraid of rejection – you will feel better for having expressed sincerity than suffering remorse after-the-fact.

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