Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Day Is It?

In the past,  each day of the week, from a homemaker’s point of view, had specially allocated tasks to be accomplished. Monday was often “wash day”, Tuesday might have been scheduled for ironing (egad!), Wednesday for another chore, etc.
In this more modern world, where many people schedule appointments of tasks into their smartphone or daytimer, we rely on being reminded “What to do today…” Many paid-to-go-to-work people feel that their jobs represent tedium and routine, the same every day…and I’ve heard from many that “it’s just in another pile”. Mondays may be “back to work for a rest after a tough weekend”; Tuesday is “get back on track”. Wednesday has historically when the week is half done – so “hump day” (as in over the hump). Thursdays are sometimes recognized as a pay day; and Fridays it’s TGIF.
For business entrepreneurs whose success or failure sits squarely on their own shoulders, each day is an opportunity to look yet again at the proverbial challenges and hopefully be able to put another piece into the puzzle. Unlike a jigsaw puzzle, the challenge is that there are always more pieces, and they’re not just punched out in shapes that can be attached to each other predictably. What….interchangeable???
On any given day???

Every day for self-employed individuals is a “get ‘er done” day, and though it is recommended that adults achieve a certain number of sleep hours, sometimes our brains just don’t snooze. I keep a notepad by my bedside so I can jot down that flash of inspiration – as everyone knows, it’s rare to remember it in the morning!

One of the tactics in board games such as chess is to look ahead several moves before you make a calculated adjustment by moving a piece. Monopoly also requires planning your strategy. Cat’s cradle takes awhile to accomplish, it all takes practice.

Whatever the day, keep your eye on the puzzle and make the pieces fit!

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