Sunday, June 8, 2014

Marking an "X"...

The hoopla and exhortations of provincial election candidates and their platforms will draw to a close on June 14th. There is no cause celebre that catches our eye though—too many people don’t think it’s worthwhile to cast their ballot.

Recognize the possibility that your vote can be a deciding factor! If the results in your polls demand a recount it could be just one or two ballots that effect a game changing result.

Young women whose name is on the Voter’s List for the first time may not realize how essential it is to make your opinion count. A century has not passed since women in Canada were given the right to vote – now it’s both a right and a privilege. Don’t scoff it off or swagger that the results don’t affect you – fulfill your responsibility as an adult and be proud of it.

Advance polling stations are closed at this time – and the polling clerks have seen a good turnout. Men and women who’ve already seen it all still make it a priority to respond. I watched yesterday as an elderly and frail man inched up the stairs and was carefully escorted to present his Notice and show identification. He then was accompanied by his wife to assist in marking his choice, eyesight obviously not quite adequate and his hand a bit unsteady.

Take time from your busy schedule to make your vote count by marking your X.

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