Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mimi At Work

I used to love the Drew Carey Show…and being somewhat un-slender and curiously attracted to both jewellery and makeup, I always pleaded with my nieces to let me know if I was looking too much like Mimi. They always laughed – and even acquainted me with new looks and makeup samples to try.

I still like makeup – sometimes yearning for that fresh-faced complexion of years ago when foundation or mineral powder wasn’t required to cover up imperfections. What an odd thing that my everyday magnifier-mirror doesn’t consistently reflect the same face every day – must be the lighting!

Every age seems to have its own foibles of vanity – too much makeup, not enough makeup, what to do with the hair – omigosh it’s blue streaks. That’s not what the bottle showed! Quick, out with the baby shampoo and keep dabbing and washing.

I think everyone’s face reflects who they are inside – isn’t it true that the first thing a person is drawn to in conversation is not the words, but the eyes?

I’m using less makeup now and Mimi pretty well stays at home.

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