Friday, September 3, 2010

To hose or not to hose?

I recently read an article in the daily newspaper about the fact the women do not wear panty-hose anymore. What do they wear? I have heard of products called Spanx, also different styles of hosiery such as knee-hi’s and thigh-highs…Pfft! My legs feel like fat sausages enclosed in a too-tight casing – they overflow at the top of knee-hi’s and make a nasty bulge. Plus a mark where the circulation is affected. And thigh-highs I remember were appealing in the days of garterbelts and other such harnessing. But those were days of yore.

When pantyhose were introduced in, I think, the 1970’s I actually had my picture photographed at a hosiery display – looking as if I actually knew what I was doing there. Pantyhose are warm in winter and do hide a multitude of sins – even in summer if the occasion calls for some sense of propriety. Even liquid products to even out the inconsistencies of appearance won’t do much for the “very close” veins and other uglies.

So, is it to hose or not to hose?

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