Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shiny Heels

Many times since I was a young girl of Sunday School age, I have thought of a memorable line from one of the minister’s passionate sermons. He had observed that the congregation always turned out in their “Sunday best” and how nice to see the ladies’ Spring hats! And the gentlemen of course attired in suits and ties – seldom seen nowadays.

The minister commented that when dressing in their finery for church,  many people buffed up the toes of their shoes and those of the kiddies’ as well.  But if we politely looked  at the heels, we might see some scuffs and dull leather.

The one phrase that has stuck with me for several decades is that “the man who takes the time to turn himself out with pressed trouser seams, starched shirt, necktie, brushed-off jacket and shiny shoes – including the backs which don’t show below the cuffs – is particular, and worthy of consideration in business.

Somehow, still, I always look!

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