Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When I look at you...

Everyone gets in a rut from time to time – sometimes a run of bad luck or tough economic times results in a solid case of “the blues”. Even a sunshiney day won’t help.

People often find inspiration from observing another – it might be an adverse inspiration such as “I’m glad I’m not like so-and-so!” or, conversely, “Wow, how keen is that! Still reading the balls that are pitched and no strike-outs!”.

It takes determination, focus and dedication to keep one’s head above water when trying to start their own business. Most entrepreneurs have a dream they want to bring to fruition, not just because it’s their dream – but because it’s an inspiration or ideal that will prove itself as having merit.

So look around when you feel discouraged – there are so many people setting a great example and we can’t help but feel encouragement and wish them well. Give out your good thoughts  freely and sincerely – if you admire someone think of how good they’ll feel when you say so.

One of my dearest friends has nicknamed herself Chimp, and I admire her a lot.

Keep swinging through the vines!!   

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