Tuesday, April 19, 2011

80 Years Young...

My relatives are all “long-livers” – good healthy genes, I guess – and a zest for life.
The age difference between my own Mother and her sisters was many years – so my Mother’s niece is just 6 years younger than “Ant” (as my Mother is affectionately called).

Today is my cousin’s birthday – and a day of celebration for most…accolades galore for a life well lived, accomplishments documented and even congratulations from local members of Provincial and Federal governments as well as our nation’s Prime Minister.

I’ll be attending, with my Mother (“Ant”) a family dinner this evening – but with a little niggle in the pit of my tummy. It’s been said that the birthday-girl has been dreading “this number” – so will she be able to even smile thinly?

Just in case, I’m taking along a small hand-held fan in case she can’t muster enough enthusiasm to blow out the candles!

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