Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Putting things in proper perspective….

It’s amazing to hear the verbalilzed wrangling of peoples’ tortured minds when something has not gone exactly right. Whether the subject is of major of minor importance – it’s difficult sometimes to put things in proper perspective.

The “weather” is always a  great topic of conversation, it’s either too hot, too cold, too wet or not wet enough… and everything in between! Imagine for one fleeting second the anguish of those citizens both south of our Canadian border and elsewhere in the world where horrific weather has destroyed lives and livelihoods.  What difference will it make if we here have some cloud cover, a few sprinkles, some stiff breezes….Oh the piteous groans of how the rain affects tourism; failing economies and a slow start to the real estate market for cottage sales. I always comment that “if you like it in the rain, you’ll love it when the sun comes out!”

Another oft-heard complaint is mosquitos and blackflies. It’s true they are significant pests, but on the flip side, of ecological importance. So get yourself a bug suit!

Just this morning I overheard someone bleating that they weren’t feeling quite up to their usual peak, but after a good night’s sleep all would be right with the world again. Seconds later a friend confided that her partner’s health prognosis is not optimistic – so conversely, she will not likely sleep well for many nights here on in.

If we turn our frowns upside down it will be easier to put things in perspective. First things first, in order of importance – leave the small stuff for another time.

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