Thursday, September 22, 2011

Annie Oakley Where Are You...

Our local Fall Fair was held this past weekend. Autumn is my favourite time of year – and this time around the weather was absolutely perfect. Cold nights great for stargazing or stealing a squeeze…and sunny days with the air so crisp that the horses’ coats almost seemed too bright to admire.

As I drove along our main street I saw a tall young man bobbing along with a distinctly oversized tiger toy slung over his shoulders. It was a real beauty – and I decided that after aiming for a chimp last year, this year I would shoot for a tiger.

The first row of the carney tents was missing the shooting gallery – but it was in Row 2 after all. And in all their glory were two “big cats” toys – one a white leopard and one a tiger. There was a sign posted on the side wall, “if you don’t understand the game, ask. And if you still don’t understand it, don’t play.”
Just to be sure, I did ask – and was told by Ole’ Grizzly that you had to completely shoot out the red star in the center of the paper target.

My first try – 100 rounds for $5. Was not terrific – but anyone knows it does take practice to get the sites in your mind and read the rifle. So round two was sure to be better – my aim was as accurate as I could ever hope – and I felt like Annie herself. Feeling mighty pleased – and wondering how I would get that tiger home – Old’ Grizzly shows me that the most minute red dot was still intact. And I mean minute – scarcely the size of the head of a pin – the smallest of zits is bigger!!
Nonetheless, despite my pleadings for mercy, no tiger. Maybe Ole’ Grizzly could read my mind when I mused to myself he looked like he could use a good dunking with some soap. And a razor. The $10. tiger tryout would have gone a long way there.

Same time next year – maybe I’ll try for a donkey to suspend in my office lest I forget what an asinine effort it’s proved to be.

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