Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Self help...

When I made my decision to “fly solo” in my real estate career it was both a tremendous and tremulous leap of faith…holding my nose and jumping off that steep cliff into unknown waters.

I’ve often reminded myself since of the time when I was just 10 years old and committed to making my first dive into a pool from the low diving board. Decidedly unsleek, which I still am, and also unable to see exactly where I was aiming due to magoo-like eyesight, I took heart in my father’s encouragement and launched myself – the effort ending with a too-huge belly flop. Sputtering, crying and thrashing wildly – my father’s instructions then were to sink or swim.

Thumbtacked on my  bulletin board at the launch of my career, I had a series of motivational and enthusiastic words of encouragement. Like “Ramp It Up, Sherry”, “Burn Bright!”, “Lock it down!”, and “Work Smart” – to offer just a sample. The universal name of the game for all entrepreneurs though is still “sink or swim”.

Anyone who is dog-paddling with tenacity and resolve must surely know that keeping one’s head above water in these troubling economic times is an accomplishment in itself. When you have a day filled with  sputtering, crying and thrashing wildly; remember that even a bellyflop won’t sink you -  keep on swimming!

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