Monday, April 9, 2012

Worrying to the Worriers...

The intensity and pace of everyday living in both urban and suburban centers is enough to make anyone feel fretful. With electronic devices jangling/buzzing/reminding and alarming too often, people everywhere are bombarded with “To Do” notifications.

I had occasion to ride on the subway in Toronto recently and felt intrigued by the apparent absence of self-consciousness. Years ago people tucked their elbows into their sides closely so as not to infringe on the seat space of the person sitting next to them; others kept their eyes averted from sizing up a fellow passenger. The screech of the railcars was noise a-plenty.

Today there are cell phone conversations everywhere, gesticulations such as arm waving or jutting digits, and without regard to fellow passengers. I think most people are nearly overwhelmed – which brings me to the Worry-Worts whose minds and hearts are full to overflowing with fussing about too many things they have not a whit of control over!

If we can fix it, ok to fret a bit perhaps. If we can’t change it, improve it, solve it or otherwise alter a situation or circumstance, saving our energy for more worthy topics is a wiser choice. Cuticle picking, nail tearing, hair twirling, hand wringing , lip chewing, inner-cheek gnawing, zit squeezing and other common manifestations of edginess would be more infrequent if worriers didn’t worry so!

We need to chill out and find some inner balance! Even REALTORS®!

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