Thursday, April 26, 2012

Throwing in the towel...

Over the past few years I’ve considered the probabilities of this action. A sense of uncertainty prevails when one wonders about the process; when perhaps the information we’ve garnered will prove flawed and one single activity can challenge one’s measure of credibility.

In the business world, there is seldom room for error – mistakes cannot simply be classified into various grades of significance; as in “not so bad”, “grievous”, “intolerable” or “unforgettable”. The sums of frequency add up, and feel impactful. There’s used to be an old saying that “ignorance is bliss”, but nowadays most opinions reflect that “one should have known – but clearly they did not!”

I guess the adage of “doing unto others…..” would be a saving grace in almost any circumstance, be it business, public/social and extends to when the cleaning lady comes!

Some people I know just create a heap of eventualities; while others are more particular. 
I’m uncertain about protocol to follow when any or all bathroom linens have been used and require changing. On the floor…on the shower rod….or does one simply throw in the towel?

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