Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flowers for Emma...

When a valued and pleasant employee gives notice that they’re leaving for work elsewhere, colleagues very often feel a combined sense or loss/excitement. Loss because a happy piece of the workday puzzle will be missed, and excitement for the opportunity that lies ahead for the person taking on a new position elsewhere.

Even the best of intentions with regard to circulating a Good Luck card for signatures, a quick lunch together or maybe a drink after work can falter unexpectedly. Such was the case recently and when my friend recounted her own hilarious story it was a real tickle.

The timing was perfect when, while idling in traffic waiting for instructions from the flagman, a bulletin blares over the airwaves saying that the first person to “find” the on location radio van gets a bag of assorted gifts and flowers. The flagman signaled and both my friend and one other vehicle made a smart and intentional turn, sped through a shortcut and both arrived simultaneously at the correct location.

The truck parked behind the radio vehicle, and my friend stopped alongside the drivers door of the radio van so tight that the driver couldn’t get out. “Truck Man” pleads the case that’s it’s his anniversary and he needs the flowers…my friend says “give me the flowers and you can have the rest”. Truce, heads nodding in agreement, and vroom – she’s outta there in a cloud of dust.

And that’s the story of flowers for Emma. Good luck in your new job!

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