Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hysteria in the making...

I must confess a bad habit, not to be confused with the word “clutter” or “hoarding” – more simply described as “stacking” or “tossing” items hither, thither and yon. Most frequently, the catch-all location is my home office – which last night rendered me totally speechless.

Funny how things sometimes get ahead of us, or worse still, we don’t see the manifestation of our lazy traits. One of the benefits though is that, in accordance with tax regulations, I don’t make any claim to a home office for specific reasons.
As if I would dare to have any prospective client darken the door of My Shambles anyway!!

The worst is numerous bags of “papers to be shredded”, followed by as many fabric grocery-store bags into which are placed “things for The Restore” or “Things for the Sally Ann store”. I also have been known to nearly stub a toe on plastic toteboxes full of shoes, purses, out-of-season clothing or simply “other treasures”!

The real estate brokerage which holds my license offers a Clients Benefit package to both Buyer and Seller clients. Included is a discount from a tidy-me-up businessperson…but before I even think of calling I have to straighten things around so she doesn’t faint.

I’ve heard it said that a cluttered desk represents a busy mind who clearly knows where every specific item is located at any given time. Last night, after three days away from it all, I could only gasp with dismay when I saw the catastrophic disarray. It truly is hysteria in the making!

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