Thursday, September 6, 2012

In the “A-choo-li” Patch…

One of my Seller clients habitually wears the patchouli scent – which I, at first meeting,  almost mistook for another pungent aroma some people refer to as “pot”.
Having developed adult-onset asthma several years ago, I am constantly searching out the triggers that make me lose my voice within 30 seconds and reach for my puffer. After my first flare up my pipes were tickly and I was over-anxious. Even going into the grocery store aisle with scented laundry products and other cleaners was intolerable – so as a result, such delights as the Body Shoppe stores became  pretty much out of bounds!

For fellow-sufferers, I think I’ve discovered a truly “scents-ible” alternative.
The owner herself has COPD and asthma – an unwieldy combination – and Donna is  walking/talking proof that the products she and colleague Sue produce are a wonderful alternative to perfumes and chemical additives.

The Manitoulin Soap Factory at Shegundiah, Ontario is housed in a non-descript accessory building on the property where Donna’s home is situated. At 10955 Highway 6 between 10-mile point and Little Current, you need sharp eyes to spot the location – when I was there out of tourist season the road sign had blown into the brush.

When you enter, feel free to breathe deeply without fear. All of the ingredients are natural scents. The Manitoulin Chamber of Commerce website describes this must visit destination as
A place where scents and sensation come together in a glorious bath of colours and textures! “

*Handmade on Manitoulin Island/* All natural vegetable based glycerin soap
* Body Lotions/* Bath bombs/salts/* Lip balms/* Shampoo & Conditioner
* Wedding soaps/ And much ... much more!.

My Seller client loves the Patchouli Lotion and glycerine hand soap – I couldn’t resist buying these items for her – and I don’t need my puffer at hand when I’m standing near!

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