Thursday, September 27, 2012

I've Heard It Said...

Some folks feel just plain important and sit just that little bit “higher” than many others when they tool around in big name, brand name, luxury cars – sometimes speeding and otherwise showing off.There are more prestigious vehicle makes on the roads now than ever before – zowie…the monthly payments must be astounding. Even to lease is a big ticket item. Different strokes for different folks.

Fashionwise as well, everyone has their own style – sometimes it is more flamboyant or attention-getting than another person might choose, but nonetheless, we are all individuals. Dressing for success can also be dressing with flair, as long as it’s in good taste.

Another significant manifestation of “having arrived” may be observed in how supervisors manage their staff.  Some folks swagger, some act totally rigid, and some look at others either through their eyebrows, over the rim of half-glasses, or down their noses. Ah, the grandeur of positioning oneself “up there”!

In my profession as a REALTOR® one of the greatest pleasures is making contact and building a business relationship with both prospective Buyers and Sellers; striving to earn their trust;  thus turning them into clients who will recommend my services without hesitation. My disposition is such that I feel comfortable and seem to interact well with everyone…  Colleagues have been heard now and then to mutter about “that so-and-so, who does he think he is…..grrr, grrr, grrr”, after an unwieldy conversation.

Hail to the high-end achievers who have retained a sense of mortality. It’s a pleasure to share the lineup in the grocery store with you on Friday nights!
A Mentor of mine said on more than one occasion that everyone should “be nice to the people you meet on the way up because they’re the same ones you’ll meet on the way down.”

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