Thursday, April 11, 2013

“In Spring a Young Man’s Fancy turns to….(oops)”

The lure of “I want….” often leads us to perusing advertising features for homes, furnishings, boats, RV’s and cars. If our trusty vehicle doesn’t shine as brilliantly as others when parked next to a fleet of newer models, or if there are features we think are too desirable to ignore, consumers may be seen on Sundays driving around the dealership lots!

Then comes the test drive – if you’re enticed that far; and subsequently the calculations to run numbers. As a REALTOR®, the process of selling or buying is similar – and it’s important to do more than a drive by!

Most crucial is the decision to upgrade your status from a suspect to a prospect!
The process of making any lifestyle change is the same for all major investments.
I believe that added-value to the client is when the salesperson you are working with actually comments that “this may not be the best choice at this time” – keeping their focus on the benefit to the client rather than the transaction.

Keeping a clear head and making your decisions objective rather than subjective is essential. The “I wants” should be justified with common sense;  which some folks have more of than others!

For myself, my Honda Pilot runs like a top and perfectly suits my profession! It may not have a double-digit number after the 20_ _  , and not all of the bells and whistles either. The vehicle, like me, is trustworthy and reliable!

If what you have works and you don’t actually need what you’re yearning for, take the time to consider the options with careful consideration. In Spring, don’t let your fancy lead you to “oops!”.

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