Friday, April 26, 2013

Long Sleeves or Short…..

One of the television channels I enjoy watching from time to time is PBS, especially the truly Special performances that are broadcast when it’s fund-raising time. The talent showcased is always breathtaking, and many of today’s most famous performers were featured for the first time on PBS.

Early in the Christmas Season, there was a concert scheduled by The (Canadian) Tenors. Debuting a selection of the pieces on the latest CD release, it was a wonderful program.  In reply to an out-of-town enquiry – “What would Dad like for Christmas?” – my reply was prompt. The CD titled “Lead With Your Heart”.

The lyrics and music sent tingles up my arms, and it’s played regularly. On this Sunday morning in early Spring, newspaper reports from the needy side of living are troubling. Recent accounts, and there are more than anyone will ever know, of mothers who – at their wits end – have prostituted themselves, and in some countries their girl children,  to put food on the table. There are many circumstances worldwide where the numbers of “haves” significantly outnumber the “have-nots”. And the disparity is growing.

It’s true that wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve can be energizing, debilitating and/or too idealistic. While we cannot save the world, and generosity can begin in our own community, a change in one’s lifestyle can be altered with a single gust of unfortunate wind.  A “have” can become a have-not” in the blink of an eye!

I believe that we should each do our best for others, as I do in my profession as a REALTOR®.  Performing random acts of kindness also is a feel-good treat!  The alternatives are profound.

“Lead with your heart” whether you wear long sleeves or short!

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