Friday, July 19, 2013

What's The Buzz...

Sheridan Rondeau in Muskoka bug suit

Die-hard campers, fisherpeople, hikers or bikers, and runners all have one thing in common – insects in late spring and summer! Speed or agility are not necessarily a winning accomplishment, winging stingers will catch up somehow and then an owie to remember.

Fragrance free and clad in light colours is recommended, and many portable repellents are available to increase protection. Wasp traps, pseudo nests that identify territory, and even mosquito magnets and defoggers may be seen in use.

A one and only encounter last August with a yellow jacket was not only aggravating, it became serious. A secondary leg infection developed, resulting in treatment - the cellulitis further impacted my recovery.

Once someone has suffered a frightening reaction of any kind, anxiety can surface quickly when there is even the tiniest possibility of being stung again. Companions may also be acutely alert – wide eyed and their own antennae twitching in both apprehension and anticipation. I once knew of a well-meaning guest whose energetic swatting bruised the metal screen and actually pierced a small hole where the weave was compromised!

If you or anyone you know carries an epi-pen™ to be administered promptly, please ensure that whomever you’re with is aware of the how-tos should the need arise. Like all creatures in nature, ourselves included, there are good practices and not-so-wise activities. Be safe, be smart, and don’t panic when your ears become pointier and you query “What’s the Buzz?”. 

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