Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everybody Hurts……

A recent Sunday night television program caught my eye on the listings schedule, so I tuned in to The Choir, a series about Choirmaster Gareth Malone whose efforts are focused on assembling people to unite as a choir. The Part 1 episode I watched revolved around a hospital choir-in-the-making, destined for a competition with other “workplace choirs”.

The song selected by Gareth Malone; entitled “Everybody Hurts”, was composed and released by American rock band members Berry/Buck/Mills and Stipe – most commonly known as R.E.M..

"The challenge with Lewisham Hospital was getting them to open up and sing with emotion. By their own admission they tend to be quite clinical, quite matter-of-fact."

The similarity to many people struck me, few are inclined to “wear their hearts on their sleeve” for fear of making themselves vulnerable. In this faceless world of too-busy/too much everything, anonymity is a defence mechanism we might wrap around ourselves like a cloak.

Professional salespeople are tenacious in their efforts to secure a client and follow through to the completion of the order; and this includes a REALTOR®.
The process of meeting and greeting, spending time together in a vehicle and discussing the process and progress can evolve to include personal subjects.

In my own business I try to lend my utmost accountability to either Buyer or Seller clients – if there’s ever a doubt about anything I visualize a loved member of my own family in the client’s shoes – and my caring becomes even more keen.

 As with the Lewisham Hospital Choir members’ self-discipline, not daring to be too gushy or mushy –  most dedicated professionals find it impossible to leave work at work when the business day ends.

Regardless of the line of work we perform, it can feel personal – and from time to time, “Everybody Hurts”.

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