Saturday, December 21, 2013

Keeping in Touch…

Greetings by e-mail are the trend now, “snail mail” is seemingly phasing out; and Canada Post™ has just announced that much of its door-to-door delivery services will be discontinued.

Season’s Greetings in the Inbox symbolize that the recipient is held close in thought, if not proximity. Newsletters used to be trendy too, but too often the enthusiasm outweighed the news, or vice versa. I used to write an annual update in rhyme, but my rhyme isn’t poetic of late; so the exchange of communication is quiet.

This Christmas season I received a truly beautiful animated e-card, no message, just a signature. It made me wonder immediately “what’s up?” – These folks are upbeat and outward bound! My efforts to compose an e-mail felt stilted, nothing to say from this end either that they aren’t aware of. I’ve heard it said that when we look at a person we may see, behind that bright smile, eyes that are sad…

In this Yuletide season when we want to reach out and connect, we should make time and do it. Across the miles or across town, we may never know how much it means to the recipient when the Inbox dings or telephone rings – just you ‘n me keeping in touch!

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