Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Years Revolutions…

The tradition of promising oneself to turn things around or “make better” in some way or other in the New Year has a success rate of accomplishment that’s not thrilling. I’ve read that the two most frequent topics are dieting and quitting smoking.

Professionally and personally, history repeats itself when we set goals that are not realistic – thereby setting ourselves up for a fall. So this year, instead of either shrugging it all off or embracing intention, I’m setting my sights on achievable tasks.

In the December 29, 2013 Toronto Star™ section identified as Insight & Books, an article entitled Moving On struck a chord with me. The five stories offered “five perspectives on saying goodbye”. Everyone every day is moving on from some place or situation to elsewhere; at sleep time we say “goodbye today” and hopefully reawaken with clarity.

Having survived an unexpected career change and then an employment fizzle within the past 6 months, I came into the Christmas Season feeling quavery. Even my proverbial sense of optimism wasn’t sunny – in fact, I felt absolutely humbuggy! Quieting myself to seek and ask for answers seemed inconclusive – then “whammo”!

Saying “goodbye” to the old and embracing the new is my one and only New Years Revolution.

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