Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting Prepped….

With spring in the offing and snow visibly dissipating, the soft breezes of inspiration give us a sense of optimism for the real estate rush long overdue. In cottage country areas where roads have been impassable and, in Muskoka, there was a recorded snowfall of 20-feet+/-; REALTORS® sense a pent-up demand for cottage ownership.

Custom builders often have waterfront cottages already open for viewing – staffed by a host or hostess. There will be a selection of pamphlets, colour brochures and maps to pore over – it’s the stuff of dreams!  Don’t be shy about enabling a relationship, if you wish to receive newsletters or e-mails it will add to your foundation-building storehouse of knowledge which is the base for decision making.

A couple who have just stopped in to the luxury cottage where we’re open for business was thrilled that their anticipation of a friendly and knowledgeable welcome was fulfilled. A noisy blue jay, glittering snow and sun on the flowing water enhanced the pleasure.

The annual Cottage Life Show in Toronto is this weekend. There’s info and ideas aplenty there, check it out!

Whether you’re a Buyer, a prospective Seller, a REALTOR® or a builder; this time of year is when everyone’s getting prepped.

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