Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In Retrospect

Last week I was asked by an elderly lady to prepare a full-price back-up Offer on a house we had seen. She had been referred to me by a former client earlier that day.

Turns out that this lady’s Listing agent already had a Buyer Representation Agreement signed, and after her tears I’m still convinced she didn’t realize she had to work exclusively with that brokerage. Long story short, the Listing salesperson and I collaborated, despite the fact that the lady was his Buyer – he offered a 25% referral to me. The offer was signed with him in attendance and I presented. Full price, accepted, hooray – then the first offer firmed up the next day. Boo-hoo.! An unusual circumstance, Lady is back with her Listing Agent and still looking. I was proud that the other Realtor could see the merit of going forward with the Offer on behalf of his client - the house was perfect for her.

I came away feeling the rewards of having acted with integrity; putting the needs of the client first, and believing that what goes around comes around.

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