Thursday, June 24, 2010

Business After Hours

My horoscope in today’s newspaper warned me to choose my words with care today and leave people with a good impression rather than doing or saying something I’d have to work hard to reverse. Performers and actors know that they’re onstage 24 hours a day – can’t even go to the Laundromat without looking their best, etc.. Business people are actually in the public eye more often than we may realize. Networking is important – and we have to do it in good taste and with awareness. I liken it to eating broccoli on a first date – that impression will forever linger and probably will remain first and foremost in the memory. Laughable yes, but in truth, when we are at a social function for business purposes, think of how we look, how we speak, how we laugh (ouch, not too loudly please!) and how will people remember us after the event. Not only is there a zero-tolerance for DUI, we need to keep ourselves respectful of business protocol , good behaviour, and of course, good manners.

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