Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Look Tired
Thanks for the compliment, as if I didn’t already know that. Pfft! My Mother thinks the world has gone mad, that everyone works too hard, too many hours, and that our quality of life is not as satisfying as it seems to have been when times were more simple. It’s hard for us to understand that our parents have seen more technological and industrial changes in the past 70 years than probably ever before!

My Grade 8 English Lit teacher was a well-known author – and he autographed one of his books for me when the school year ended.
It says, ” What a sad tragedy that in this age where wonders never cease, we have so quickly ceased to wonder.”

Sometimes it’s worth a few moments from our hectic day to pause and observe the simple things that really count, with wonder. Puppies, babies with big eyes, and our parents who hopefully expect little but deserve a lot.

Pencil in an entry in your appointment book to call – those of us who still have a Mom or Dad, or both, are lucky. Coffee at Tim’s can be a big event, even if we are tired.

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