Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crocs 'N Other Footwear

Ah – ‘tis the season of pretty feet.(Or not so. ) I’ve read that men are also concerned about the appearance of their peds when shoes are cast off. Makes sense – besides, hard calluses wreak havoc on both people and linens. Pretty feet make you feel pretty – I even tried an electric yellow last year while on holidays – sensational! At least that was my opinion.

This Summer I’m wearing a mule-style of Croc sandal – and the colours are varied. Celery & white, seafoam and white, khaki and white, black/white. And there are shades of caramel on brown and brown on brown for the end of Summer. They’re comfy and fun. ( Available at some Becker Shoes outlets.) It’s not that I actually have a shoe fetish – I just have tired feet that want to look presentable, and feel happy.

That’s not saying that I might still teeter around for a few select moments in my 4-inch orange patent leather lady shoes – nothing like a glam-queen stepping out with trepidation. Maybe I’ll just sit.

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