Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Hats!

My 15th wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of August. The wedding day was grand, and so was my hat. A lacy,loopey and very feminine straw affair which Mom decorated with bits of floral accessories to match my silk lavender suit. Which I can’t get into anymore. Pfft!

Many ladies had millinery skills and I remember Mother creating several snappy toppers. She was a looker! Nowadays, except at Ascot in England and maybe the Queen’s Plate horseraces - one seldom sees a lady in a summer hat. Talk about the perfect opportunity, with large sunglasses, to feel nearly incognito.

Last Summer I went to a Victorian Tea at the Muskoka Lakes Museum in Port Carling. The day was hot as Hades – but everyone who attended was in keeping with the theme, and the hats were grand! Hats are dreamy and flirty – yes, we can still dream, ladies! I’ve got my eye on a large-brimmed black and white hat and matching bag – very swank – all I need is an “occasion” to get dolled up for. And regardless of the face underneath the brim, hats make people’s heads turn.

Go for it! Hat fans unite!

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