Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Swimming With Sharks...

My e-mail Inbox has been inundated recently with “30% Referrals to SW Florida” – coincidentally with vacation time to that same destination. One of the REALTORS® here has been helpful in recommending local sightseeing destinations, and already I’m feeling Neapolitan-like.

One of the pitfalls of being unfamiliar with the locale is that unexpected surprises can vault from out of nowhere – like an alligator on a paved pathway to the ocean view. Or, on Valentine’s Day, another unwelcome intrusion in the form of a parking ticket. The meter man must have been lurking in the bushes waiting to fold back his gums and bare his fangs too.

Today I’m feeling wary and suspicious – will there be sharks at City Hall when I go to discuss the vicious intent and issuance of the parking ticket? Two incidents  in one day is enough to give anyone the shivers – but I’m “going in” armed with a chain-mail suit of goodwill – hope I don’t get tasered, my heart won’t take it!

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