Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update on Swimming With Sharks

I was thinking about the description of “Neapolitan” again today, out of context but on the same vein. Seems to me there is a wonderfully good natured dog of the Mastiff breed called a Neapolitan. I am not quite as bulky, and am good natured – but the resemblance ends there. 

My visit to City Hall to discuss the unfortunate and innocent circumstances of my Parking ticket” was not unpleasant; but no discussion. I was offered a list of rules and regulations for beach parking, which should have been issued with the rental car, so not much consolation. 

Nonetheless, perhaps my analogy of Swimming With Sharks was a little carnivorous – but frolicking with dolphins is a bit too forgiving. I saw one in the harbor yesterday and it was a delight to view. Good natured and friendly I’ve heard, but not a clown - like both the Mastiff and me.

When you’re meeting with REALTORS® to select whom you will work with, think of the personal characteristics you feel comfortable with – then you’ll have confidence when you sign the Buyer Representation Agreement or the Listing Agreement!

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