Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Croaking along with Spring Peepers...

Funny how drizzling days on end often result in feeling like a wet blanket!

An e-mail today from a cherished friend reminded me to “ramp it up, Rondeau” and push ahead. And moments later, the Toronto Star issue included its regular “The You” docs column by  Mike Roizen and Mehmet Oz. Their advice today was to sing yourself out of the blahs!

Not being a person to disregard inspiring advice, I set out on a soggy walk with the mutt, my Buddy. His tail was drooping and head hanging as we puddled along;
and his close-fitting ears pressed more tightly to his head than I’ve noticed before. “Twas my attempt to warble like a thrush that made him actually glance back – and to my dismay I realized that the soon-to-come peeper frogs and their Spring songs far outmatch my toady croaking.

Even Kermit would wince!

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