Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Parade

The Dollar Store had a long lineup on Saturday and frenzied cashiers were on the hustle checking out customers’ Easter basket items, ribbons and cards. On a grey and drizzling morning it was no fun out slugging around in the puddles with a stiff breeze. Hardly the weather for the traditional Easter parade of yesteryear…

When I was a young girl there was often a new Spring outfit – including a coat – to don and flaunt. My sister, brother and I thought we looked pretty spiffy. And many families then attended church on Sunday and admired everyone’s attire and stunning ladies’ hats. 

Nowadays the Easter Bunny tradition is still held near and dear to the hearts of many, while the Easter Parade and significance of Christian commemoration seem not to be top of mind.  Festive brunches are popular, saving Mom a lot of slaving in the kitchen – maybe that’s the place to see the pastel colours of Spring and people dressed up for a special occasion .

Hope Peter Cottontail’s wearing hip-waders when he hippety-hops down your trail!

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