Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Whoopee cushions

Here in Muskoka there’s an intriguing “mystique” to the place –  sometimes contributing to the formulation of a perception that may or may not be accurate.
As an example, when an absolute stranger enquires “which part of the lake are you on?” the first reaction of a non-waterfront resident might be that the question is presumptive. It all depends from whence comes the point of view!

In mingling with well-heeled visitors and seasonal cottagers in stores, supermarkets and outdoor craft shows,  local year-round residents may often feel inclined to misjudge someone’s behavior or too-loud comments. Imagine the reaction if someone carried a satchel of whoopee cushions to distribute freely throughout the crowd – hopefully it would fetch a giggle from someone, though likely not the recipient.

A colleague of mine and I toured a multi-million dollar lakefront property today – ostentatious and overwhelming in its interior d├ęcor and accoutrements. Reflected throughout was the owners’ personal taste and style of living – one could visualize champagne parties till dawn or, conversely, settling with a book on a comfy sofa in front of a fireplace.  Imagine the surprise when I discovered, amongst abandoned kiddies toys in the basement, a whoopee cushion! A carefree and airfree reminder of simpler times.

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